Bali Seawalker Tour

Enjoy Our Bali Seawalker Tour

Bali Seawalker Tour

Bali Seawalker Tour

Bali Seawalker tour allows us to enjoy under the sea life, with simple equipment and minimal hassle! Bali sea walker is actually a soft dive method, and that means you just use the sea walker headgear type without dive tank. Discover the spectacular under the sea life of Bali that enable you to walk in the bottom of the marine offered face to face along with sea life while breathing just like you do on top.

Bali sea walker tour you are able to walk on the bottom of the sea going through the attractiveness of under the sea on the package with all the ideal rate. Have area in the beautiful of Sanur beach. To be a secure and fascinating under the sea sea walker is one of unique Bali activities diving system offering the opportunity to view the under the sea world up to level of 14 feet without having certification, as well as no having your hair wet.

$ 65 per person
For the group member get the discount rates contact us

Hotel Pick Up
Minimum booking for 2people
Mineral water
Duration 30 minutes
Shower room, locker, booties and towel
Insurance coverage



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Bali Seawalker Tour

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+6281237398425 OR +6281338743566
+6281237398425 OR +6281338743566