Kintamani Tour

Kintamani Tour


Visit Barong and Kris Dance :
Barong Dance Bali is one of the most famous traditional dances in Bali. The dance is very sacred, beautiful, and amazing. In the dance, a giant-like figure with demon face is the central attention. It is called the Barong. The back story behind the dance is the fight between the good and the evil. Many people realize that Holiday in Bali is well known as its cultural richness and its tradition and that is why this dance Read more about Barong Dance
Visit Tohpati Village(Batik Cloths) :
Batik is one of many Indonesian finest heritages. Tohpati Village is famous with its Indonesia clothe painting, batik. Therefore, the clothe painting from Tohpati is widely known as Tohpati Batik. The village has become one of many famous main attractions in Bali Island. Usually, the local or international tourist will stop by in this village before going to Babatulan Village to see Barong Dance. After that, in Tohpati Village Read more about Tohpati Batik cloths
Visit Celuk Village(Silver&Gold Smith) :
Celuk Village is one of the most famous villages in Bali. The village is considered as a Bali tourist destination as well. It is because there is something very unique about the entire village. Yes, it is the massive production of gold and silver crafting. If you want to find unique Balinese gold crafting and also silver crafting, Celuk Village will be your first destination. The local residents of this village are incredibly. Read more about Celuk village
Visit Batuan Village(Balinese Painting) :
Batuan village is one of the most prominent villages in Bali. The village is located in the south of Ubud. The village is really well known as the place of Balinese arts. Here you can find traditional Balinese dancing, paintings, and wood panel carving as well. The village has indeed become the village of craftsmen and artists for thousands of years. Many people from this Batuan Village are incredibly talented in creating arts Read more about Batuan Village
Visit Ubud Monkey Forest :
Ubud Monkey Forest is a really beautiful rain forest in the area of Ubud. The forest is very famous because it is dwelt by numerous groups of monkeys. Beside of the monkeys, there are also numerous other tropical animals living in the forest. The forest is very easy to find because it is really famous and it is one of the most-visited destination in Bali. The experience of mingling with numerous wild monkeys. Read more about Monkey forest Ubud
Visit Ubud Roya Place :
Ubud Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful sites in Ubud that you have to visit if you are in Bali right now. The Palace is a grand traditional building often called as Puri Saren Agung. The Palace was built after the big earthquake destroying Bali in 1917. Right until this minute, the Balinese royal family is still living in the area of the Palace. The Ubud Royal Palace is now one of the most famous tourist destinations. Read more about Ubud Royal Place
Visit Kintamani volcano/Launch :
Kintamani volcano is one of favorite tourism places in Bali. Actually, Kintamani is the name of district in Bali that has several villages. There are some beautiful villages that offer you the natural view. You will only find that view in Kintamani. That’s why it will be the recommended destination for you. So, what will you find in Kintamani? Why is it popular with volcano? Well, if you want to know about this. Read more about Kintamani Volcano
Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace :
Jatiluwih rice terrace is one of popular tourism objects in Bali. It is recommended to visit by some people who travel around Bali. As its name, it is actually the rice field that located in Jatiluwih village, Tabanan District, Bali. So, what will you find when visiting there? If you want to know that answer, you can keep reading here. This article will explore more the information about Jatiluwih rice terrace. Let’s find out your best. Read more about Rice Terrace Jatiluwih
Visit Jimbaran Bay(Seafood Dinner) :
Long time ago Jimbaran Bay was just a bay with white sand and blue sea, not allowing the tourists to stay longer because there was no hotel nearby. As the time goes by, hotels like Bali Intercontinental Hotel or Four Season hotel are built. Besides that, you can go find some reviews for Jimbaran Bay and do not be surprised that one of the famous Bali activities to do is enjoying the delicate roasted fish in the beach., Read more about Jimbaran Bay
IDR: 600.000/car (Max for 1 to 6 passenger)
IDR: 950.000/minibus (Max for 1 to 12 passenger)
(Tour Duration is 12 hours, Late charge is IDR 50.000/hour)
: Car, English speaking driver and Petrol
EXLUDE:: Entrance ticket, Shopping Cost and Lunch

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